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JobClock goes Cloud – Most wanted request from customers goes live!

July 25th, 2016

Well it has taken a couple of years bu the very famous Exaktime system we know to be called JobClock has just gone live with cloud.

You can now continue to use your existing JobClocks and PocketClock apps but you can push the data to the cloud.

Why push your labour costing data to the cloud?

Simple really, you can now give access easily to project managers on site, any person in the office who needs access without any additional costs. Access is part of the cost of the software.

Want to book in a demonstration

Book in a demonstration …

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As more cloud labour costing products hit the market more fail – How can you know which one is right?

January 7th, 2016

I received this email this morning, I looked at Locqus to resell and provide to my global customer base, imagine how I would have felt if over the past 12 months I had started adding customers into the product…..I know how you would feel as a customer today after receiving this email.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support, it has been a great journey so far. Unfortunately, our adventure is taking a new direction. 

Starting March 1, 2016 Locqus will no longer be available for use. 

We know you loved Locqus, and so did we. Sadly, it has become difficult to …

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Lone Worker – knowing when your workers arrive and leave remote locations

January 27th, 2014

We get asked about lone workers quite a bit, the issue is always around have they arrived and have they left. Knowing when a lone worker arrives and leaves location is just the beginning of PocketClock which is part of the JobClock solution.

There are many Lone Worker products on the market today, PocketClock is not going to replace all of these as some are very clever with the ability to know when a Lone Worker is no longer standing but is horizontal and on the ground possibly in need of medical assistance.

PocketClock has much more though giving users …

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Simple employee Labour Costing with your mobile device

May 5th, 2013

Enter your employee number, select Go, choose a jobsite and optionally select your cost center – It is that easy!

Labour Costing employees for anybody who has tried is one of the most challenging employee time collection problems in any business today that needs good, correct, current employee labour data broken down.

After talking to hundreds of businesses over more than a decade I understand the challengers you face. From all the discussions I have had with a wide selection of industries the single biggest challenge is actually collecting the data in the first place.

The biggest single challenge for …

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HIA Western Sydney Industry Trade Night

October 30th, 2010

See JobClock live at the HIA Western Sydney Industry Trade Night Tuesday 9th November 4.30pm to 7.30 pm.

Parramatta RSL
Cnr Macquarie St & O’Connell St,
Parramatta, 2150

Tuesday 9th November 2010

Ask for Peter to get your starter pack details and HIA cheap Partner Promotion.

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HIA Hills District information night includes JobClock Australia at Baulkham Hills 2010

September 16th, 2010

Thursday 16th September 2010
HIA Hills District Industry Trade Night
Crowne Plaza Norwest
Baulkham Hills

The night was held to inform HIA members and guests various important construction industry latest developments.
Information included presentations by associated companies and HIA representatives

A very interesting talk was done by HIA representative Clare Larkin and included details on delivery of council fines, where you stand with council on fines presented and how to deal with fines presented by council on your building or construction site.

NSW Home Warranty Insurance changes commencing 1st October 2010 was also another very interesting topic presented by HIA representative Geoff

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