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3 ways GPS employee time tracking can help you in your business

September 21st, 2014

Time is critical when it comes to construction. You’ve got deadlines to meet and projects to finish, and if you’ve got workers starting late or wasting time driving supplies around or chasing paperwork, it becomes harder and harder to meet your goals.

The no-fee-GPS feature of ExakTime Mobile will help you keep an eye on your workers and job sites. GPS time tracking gives you the features you need to manage time more efficiently, saving you money now and later.

Here are three ways our GPS feature will help your business excel.

Keep an Eye on Employees
All …

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Tracking Materials on your jobsite

January 9th, 2014

We get asked regularly about materials, up until 2013 we could not track materials, however now we not only have the ability to track materials we can report on materials also. We understand materials make up a large cost of a job, sometimes they can account for more than the labour required.

I have a friend his name is Rob. Rob has worked in the renovation industry for the past 30 years, small buildings, multiple levels, multiple buildings. Rob has even had a customer fly him to USA to complete some work as his customer was so happy with the finished product …

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