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Common Payroll Mistakes

April 27th, 2012

There are a number of mistakes that businesses regularly make when completing payroll. Many of them are easily prevented with knowledge and organization. Familiarity with common mistakes can also help you to prevent similar errors, which include:

Failing to have a strong payroll team – if you are a small business that has just one or two people responsible for completing payroll, you’re going to run into problems when that person is away. You need to anticipate sick days or vacations, and when payroll is typically done every 2 weeks, at some point, your main person will be away. Make sure …

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Should You Give Benefits to Hourly Employees?

April 20th, 2012

Health benefits and other compensation packages can be pricey for any business. If you run a business that uses primarily part-time staff, as is common in the construction and cleaning industries, then you’ve got to think about whether or not it’s worth it to offer them health benefits, retirement benefits, or life insurance. So, what should factor in this decision?

Do they work full-time hours? – firstly, it is important to note that any employee working full-time hours, whether they are paid on salary or hourly, should be provided with benefits if full-time hours are their norm. They should be …

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Dealing with a UnProductive Employee

April 13th, 2012

In every workplace, there is someone who typically drags the rest of the team down, with a complete lack of productivity. This kind of employee just doesn’t do their part, and may even come up with excuses as to why they aren’t meeting deadlines. He or she may take phone calls, or send text messages during regular working hours.

If you’re considering whether or not they are worth keeping on the project, there are a number of things that you can do:

Talk to their supervisor – a supervisor on the job can provide insight as to whether or not …

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What Do You Do if Employees Fail to Clock In?

April 6th, 2012

When you’re in HR, you deal with a number of employee issues. In many cases, issues arise as a result of the actions of the staff themselves. When you are dealing with a substantial number of hourly employees, it becomes essential that they clock in at the beginning of their shifts, and clock out at the end (and during any breaks, if that is the company’s policy).

However, there may be times where employees neglect to do so. In that case, it becomes challenging to know how to handle the situation. You’ve got to make a decision about how and …

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