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Payroll Questions: What Do You Pay Once You’ve Fired a Team Member?

May 30th, 2013

When an employee is leaving the company, there are some minimum financial compensation requirements that you must submit to as an employer. These requirements, according to the Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsmanapply whether you have terminated the employee, or if they resigned.

Pay all outstanding funds – you must pay an employee that is leaving their full wages based on their hours worked, or based on their normal salary. This includes any overtime hours worked, and any penalty rates that apply. Just because an employee is leaving doesn’t mean you owe them any less than an employee that is remaining …

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Should Casual Employees be On Payroll, or Work as Independent Contractors?

May 17th, 2013

When hiring casual employees that don’t necessarily work consistent shifts week after week or day after day. it is challenging to determine how they should be paid, and what their job classification will be from a legal perspective.

Two popular options are putting these employees on payroll or setting them up as an independent contractor. Having them labelled as an independent contractor, has a number if different pros and cons.

¬†You don’t not need to worry about submitting tax deductions from payroll on behalf of the employee.
They are responsible for invoicing the business once the job has been completed.

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Calculating Labour Costs To Remain on Budget

May 10th, 2013

In order to determine if you are in fact hiring the proper number of staff to work, not just to get the job done, you need to calculate your labour costs. This will determine if in fact your overhead costs are equal to what you are paying your employees.

If your labour costs are too high, then you need to look at making reductions, as overall you are not walking away with reasonable earnings. Cutting down on expenses doesn’t need to mean cutting own on staff, provided it reduces your overall costs. Simply ensure that your earnings potential is higher. …

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Simple employee Labour Costing with your mobile device

May 5th, 2013

Enter your employee number, select Go, choose a jobsite and optionally select your cost center – It is that easy!

Labour Costing employees for anybody who has tried is one of the most challenging employee time collection problems in any business today that needs good, correct, current employee labour data broken down.

After talking to hundreds of businesses over more than a decade I understand the challengers you face. From all the discussions I have had with a wide selection of industries the single biggest challenge is actually collecting the data in the first place.

The biggest single challenge for …

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Do You Have Employees That Work Overtime?

May 3rd, 2013

If you have an employee that has to work overtime on a public holiday, the question of payment can be complicated. Typically, overtime pay would be double time if a sufficient number of overtime hours were reached. But, when it is a holiday, and overtime is required, double time and a half may already be paid, and therefore, it is not typically necessary to pay a worker triple time for those hours.

Tracking the specific number of hours worked is essential if you are going to pay your staff accurately. Using time and attendance software can ensure that it is …

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