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Lone Worker – knowing when your workers arrive and leave remote locations

January 27th, 2014

We get asked about lone workers quite a bit, the issue is always around have they arrived and have they left. Knowing when a lone worker arrives and leaves location is just the beginning of PocketClock which is part of the JobClock solution.

There are many Lone Worker products on the market today, PocketClock is not going to replace all of these as some are very clever with the ability to know when a Lone Worker is no longer standing but is horizontal and on the ground possibly in need of medical assistance.

PocketClock has much more though giving users …

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JobClock Integration with Quicken Payroll

January 21st, 2014

We get asked this question a lot, this week we have been asked twice already so I thought time to put further information out on the blog.

Dale recently asked a number of questions….

1/ Does your pocket clock system integrate with the Reckon accounts 2013?

2/ what type of support after purchase do you guys offer?

3/ Is there any upgrades each year with your system to coincide or keep up with the Reckon annual upgrades?

Yes we support Reckon, it was one of the first payroll products many years ago integrated. We provide all support for Australian customers right here in Australia, …

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Tracking Materials on your jobsite

January 9th, 2014

We get asked regularly about materials, up until 2013 we could not track materials, however now we not only have the ability to track materials we can report on materials also. We understand materials make up a large cost of a job, sometimes they can account for more than the labour required.

I have a friend his name is Rob. Rob has worked in the renovation industry for the past 30 years, small buildings, multiple levels, multiple buildings. Rob has even had a customer fly him to USA to complete some work as his customer was so happy with the finished product …

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