Is The JobClock Or The PocketClock Right For Your Business?

October 3rd, 2010

Mobile Timekeeping The last several years have seen some major advances for contractors in terms of accurate time and attendance systems. While employee hours were once usually kept track of with handwritten time sheets, there are now several different options available to business owners and managers in search of an accurate contractors time clock.

Two products in particular which are attracting a lot of attention from people who own or manage construction, contracting or other firms whose business involves having workers on remote job sites are the Job Clock and the Pocket Clock. Both have their particular areas of strength and depending on the demands of your business, one or the other may be a more suitable choice for your firm. To get a little information to help you decide which of these portable time tracking solutions is the best fit for your company, read on.

The Job Clock

The Job Clock is a small time clock which is designed to be taken to the job site and locked down there. Your employees clock in using tabs which they keep on their own keychain; it’s an incredibly simple and easy to use system which makes accurate portable time tracking a breeze. These battery powered clocks can upload employee attendance information to a Blackberry for easy transfer to your home office computers and integration with most popular payroll and accounting software. It’s easy to install as many job clocks as you have job sites and keep track of not only who’s clocked in but where and when they are. It’s a great contractors time clock for contracting businesses of any size – this scalable and easy to use time clock is accurate, accountable and is designed to stand up to the often tough conditions found on construction sites.

The Pocket Clock

With the proliferation of smart phones, the Pocket Clock is an increasingly popular choice. This is a software system which enables any smart phone to serve as a time clock. If all of your employees have smart phones, then they can clock in using their own mobile phones – or a foreman or supervisor can clock in an entire crew of workers all at once. The Pocket Clock makes it easy to upload attendance information to your home office using wireless networks, so employee hours can even be added to your office accounting or bookkeeping system at the end of each workday. It’s a very easy to use portable time tracking solution which greatly simplifies the task of tracking labor costs and like its cousin the Job Clock, the Pocket Clock can save your firm a great deal of money over the course of a relatively short time frame.

Both clocks do an excellent job as a contractors time clock; and both are good choices. Your decision will most likely come down to how many employees your firm has and the number of job sites your workers are spending their work days at on average – but you can’t really go wrong in either case.

Peter Morrissey has been working with employee time and attendance for more than 15 years, Peter has supplied more than 3000 customers around the world with employee time management systems. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Peter bought the JobClock system into Australia in 2008 to fill a void not being covered at the time. As cloud technology has come along the JobClock system not only services construction but many more industries hungry for employee labour costing information.

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