JobClock School: Online Classes to Help You Implement JobClock in Your Business

July 25th, 2011

JobClock Online SchoolThere’s no reason to be afraid of new technology, especially when it makes your life easier. Just think about the internet, for example. In the last decade especially, it has almost completely changed the way that we live and especially how we do business. Along with the World Wide Web, there has been a veritable explosion of new computer technology for the workplace, including computerized time and attendance systems and time tracking software. Just because your work isn’t necessarily in an office doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of these new developments – in fact, new technology like the JobClock portable time tracking system is helping companies with mobile workforces to save on labor costs while simplifying payroll and record keeping procedures.

Along with the JobClock itself and the many advantages it offers to businesses, there are support programs in place to ensure that businesses who adopt this portable time tracking system can successfully implement the new technology in no time. The JobClock School is available to JobClock users and offers comprehensive training which helps your company to get the very most out of this modern time and attendance system.

The Training Process

It all begins with training and educating your workforce; there are online courses which demonstrate everything from how to get the JobClock up and running to integrating the clock with your company’s time tracking software. From entry level workers to back office bookkeepers, there are video training courses available to show all of your staff what they need to know to use the JobClock properly and to make the transition a smooth one. There are segments targeted towards the owners and managers of the business, payroll and bookkeeping staff, foremen and the average worker in the field. Each class covers a specific topic and can be watched any time, day or night – so you don’t necessarily need to take time out of a busy schedule to learn how to use your new portable time tracking system.

There is also training available to help your company prepare to use the JobClock system along with time tracking software to make payroll processing quicker and easier than you may have even thought possible. The TimeSummit course is available to JobClock customers and helps to get your company ready to take full advantage of the JobClock’s advanced time and attendance tracking capabilities. Transition is always a little bit of a challenge, but thanks to JobClock school and TimeSummit, the learning curve has been made a lot less steep – so you can begin enjoying the savings that the latest time and attendance systems have to offer.

Peter Morrissey has been working with employee time and attendance for more than 15 years, Peter has supplied more than 3000 customers around the world with employee time management systems. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Peter bought the JobClock system into Australia in 2008 to fill a void not being covered at the time. As cloud technology has come along the JobClock system not only services construction but many more industries hungry for employee labour costing information.

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