The JobClock System – It’s 10 times more accurate than a manual system, and most importantly it collates the data…! Says a recent customer Phil from Brisbane

June 27th, 2014

We received some great feedback from our customer Brisbane Granite and Marble recently. Brisbane Granite and Marble are based in Northgate Brisbane. Philip started his feedback with the realisation that every company has when billing for hours worked.

Philip said “The biggest assistance to us is the reminder of the reality. That is the common sense which is every hour our staff work is billing hours. If we don’t bill for it we are losing money. Having a system that tracks time, makes you look and think about billing hours. That’s without even looking at the data…..When you look at the data….then you really think about billing hours, production, downtime and losses.

Philip went on to talk about the actual JobClock solution

We used to use a bundy clock with cards. Now we have a dedicated printout, with the name of the staff, and exact hours at the press of a button from recorded data that doesn’t get lost. Very easy… As for collection on time on jobs. With manual collection, apart from the fact the staff don’t use it properly, and often fill it out after the event. The collation of information is just too much. And if its data that’s not right….it’s a complete waste of time.

When asked what do you like most about the system Philip said “The simplicity of the screen for staff to use. They log on easily and quickly. They don’t have to be computer literate to use the system. It takes me all of 2 minutes to train a new staff member how to use it.

The jobclock system requires them to log on before they start something. The staff like using it. Its quick to use. And provides all the data. It’s 10 times more accurate than a manual system, and most importantly it collates the data…!

Philip also shared with me how he went about implementing the solution with his employees 100% support…….
Prior to implementing this system, we made the staff fill out daily/hourly records on what they were doing. We did this for about 2 months prior. Everyone hated it….!  So when we bought in the electronic system, that was 10 times easier. Everyone was happy, and prepared to use it.

We never collated the data from the manual info…! It was only ever done to allow the electronic system to be embraced. It seemed to work..! I wonder if our staff would have embraced the system as much, if we had gone from nothing to this straight up. I don’t think so. In hindsight, I think it was a good move, as once we implemented Job Clock it worked from Day 1.

 Watch 3 minute video on setting up Master Jobs and Sub Jobs

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Peter Morrissey has been working with employee time and attendance for more than 15 years, Peter has supplied more than 3000 customers around the world with employee time management systems. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Peter bought the JobClock system into Australia in 2008 to fill a void not being covered at the time. As cloud technology has come along the JobClock system not only services construction but many more industries hungry for employee labour costing information.

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