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September 21st, 2014

Weekly the call comes into the office…..”we have several very remote locations where there is no internet and no telephone connectivity, we really need to move away from the paper time sheets, can you help us”

Existing JobClock customers have known for years the JobClock system is the ultimate employee time keeping solution for remote locations. The JobClock system has 2 ways to collect data both without internet and both without telephone. Of course in any remote location to go electronic you will eventually need access to internet or telephone if you want to push the data back to a centralised location. I will run through some recent scenarios below.

Scenario 1 – The job site is in a place where the internet and 3G or 4G coverage is intermittent. Any cloud only time and attendance software will fail as the internet just drops off constantly.

Scenario 2 – The job is miles from anywhere, the workers are staying at a local pub and drive 90 minutes to the jobsite and back each day. By the time the employees get to the work site they have no internet and no telephone service. Only way to communicate is back at the local pub each night.

Scenario 3 – The job site is so remote a site shed with beds is taken to location, the workers work through the week only coming away from the job site each weekend.

We have 2 ways to collect the data

JobClock Hardware









The JobClock hardware can go onto any long term job site. The device is weather proof, can be chained to a fence or site shed.

Collection Method

Any supervisor or manager can stand in front of the JobClock hardware and collect the data with a blue tooth phone. You can then drive back to the local hotel, main office, remote office or nearest place where you have 3G or 4G coverage including any free wifi locations to send the data back to the office.

PocketClock App







The PocketClock app loads onto any iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry Smart Phone. This is one of the rare apps on the market for employee time collection that actually works offline. Nearly all cloud solutions fail when the internet is lost or not available.

The PocketClock app will hold all the data being collected until you can give the device to the nearest wifi, internet, 3G or 4G connection.

Collection Method

Any supervisor or manager can push the data back to the office at the end of each day, week, fortnight or month when near a wifi, internet, 3G or 4G connection.

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Peter Morrissey has been working with employee time and attendance for more than 15 years, Peter has supplied more than 3000 customers around the world with employee time management systems. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Peter bought the JobClock system into Australia in 2008 to fill a void not being covered at the time. As cloud technology has come along the JobClock system not only services construction but many more industries hungry for employee labour costing information.

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