How important are employee time keeping and labour costing reports

November 23rd, 2014

Designed for single and multiple location companies TimeSummit software will help you consolidate all of the employee time keeping from multiple jobs into easy to read reports. Imagine coming in Monday morning and pushing a button to run last weeks reports and getting an instant report on the labour used across all locations no matter how many jobs you have going right now.

The JobClock system allows companies to move away from manual time sheets into electronic time and attendance improving every apsect of the process including employee time collection, employee time collection from remote locations, employee time collection from multiple locations culminating in the centralising of all of your employee data giving you access to instant reports on employee labour and jobsite profitability.

The Location Executive Summary report lets you monitor how many total hours are being spent at each of your job sites over a week, so you can take action if the hours on a particular project seem excessive.

Other standard reports include…….

  • employee executive summary
  • expenses by employee
  • cost code by employee
  • cost code by location
  • employee approaching overtime
  • employee time card by week (most popular)
  • equipment by employee
  • equipment by location and many more

Extract the data out into excel or integrate with the SQL database into your existing job costing or payroll systems.

Peter Morrissey has been working with employee time and attendance for more than 15 years, Peter has supplied more than 3000 customers around the world with employee time management systems. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Peter bought the JobClock system into Australia in 2008 to fill a void not being covered at the time. As cloud technology has come along the JobClock system not only services construction but many more industries hungry for employee labour costing information.

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