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The JobClock System – It’s 10 times more accurate than a manual system, and most importantly it collates the data…! Says a recent customer Phil from Brisbane

June 27th, 2014

We received some great feedback from our customer Brisbane Granite and Marble recently. Brisbane Granite and Marble are based in Northgate Brisbane. Philip started his feedback with the realisation that every company has when billing for hours worked.

Philip said “The biggest assistance to us is the reminder of the reality. That is the common sense which is every hour our staff work is billing hours. If we don’t bill for it we are losing money. Having a system that tracks time, makes you look and think about billing hours. That’s without even looking at the data…..When …

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Can You Refuse To Pay An Employee/Contractor Due To Inefficiency?

August 15th, 2013

Every manager or supervisor who works in a project-based work environment, has certainly experienced the issue of inefficiency. Of course, if an employee is intentionally slacking off, then there are disciplinary measures that can take place. But inefficiency doesn’t always need to relate to work ethic. But, if someone does a job slower, therefore extending the completion date of a project, do you know if you can withhold some or all that pay cheque?

Technically, the answer to that question is no. If an individual is working their scheduled shift, and putting effort into their accomplishments, then it can be …

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Keeping Labour Costs on Track

July 13th, 2013

Regardless of the type of business that you operate, calculating labour costs is an essential part of the process. Your labour costs factor into the big financial picture of any business. The target percentage does vary by business and a number of other factors. However, some things that always need to be considered when it comes to keeping labour costs on track.

A focus on time management skills – labour costing involves knowing how to do the math correctly, and planning the weekly schedule accordingly. In order to meet these targets, you have to set realistic goals regarding what can …

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What If Employees Want To Take Extra Holidays?

June 28th, 2013

With any job, there is a dedicated number of days that employees can use to go on holiday. While typically, this is part of their job benefits – meaning that employees receive paid vacation time – employees may request additional time off. If you have an employee that is making such a request, consider the following:

Can the job be done sufficiently if the employee takes a higher number of days off per year? – Scheduling and compensating for employees to go on holiday is already a challenge. Particularly when you are operating a small business where one person is …

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Should Casual Employees be On Payroll, or Work as Independent Contractors?

May 17th, 2013

When hiring casual employees that don’t necessarily work consistent shifts week after week or day after day. it is challenging to determine how they should be paid, and what their job classification will be from a legal perspective.

Two popular options are putting these employees on payroll or setting them up as an independent contractor. Having them labelled as an independent contractor, has a number if different pros and cons.

 You don’t not need to worry about submitting tax deductions from payroll on behalf of the employee.
They are responsible for invoicing the business once the job has been completed.

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Should You Offer Extra Benefits to Employees?

August 8th, 2012

How do you reward hardworking employees? Some companies offer pay increases for their workers who exceed performance standards, but many employers are finding that rewards don’t always have to come in the form of monetary compensation. That’s right, extra employee benefits are the new raise. That doesn’t mean there aren’t questions about these extra benefits, and if they really benefit you.

What Extra Benefits Are Offered?

Everyone needs the chance to relax, sweat, and release some tension once they’ve clocked out for the day. Gym memberships, massages, and even acupuncture treatments are all popular benefits …

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Workplace Factors That Impact Employee Morale

June 23rd, 2012

It’s important to recognize the issues that have an impact on employee morale in your company. After all, you are paying these individuals to do a good job for you, so you want to do what you can to promote further motivation.

Create a positive work environment – make sure that management, supervisors, and other significant people in the company maintain an attitude that is positive and motivating. It’s important to keep employees inspired to work with a positive attitude.
Make sure that the work environment is safe and comfortable – safety should always be a priority, especially if the …

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Improve Business Efficiency with the JobClock Portable Time Clock

October 7th, 2011

There are few, if any businesses which are operating as efficiently as they could be. It’s not something to be disheartened by; rather, it’s something to celebrate since it means that there is always room for improvement and chances to do better, no matter how well your company is already doing. In almost every area of your business, there are opportunities to make things more efficient and increase your profit margins and one of the most important of these areas is your time and attendance systems.

Especially if construction or contracting is your business, one way to make …

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