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How to collect multiple remote location employee labour costing time sheets

December 10th, 2014

As soon as you need to collect 15 to 20 time sheets or more each week manually from employees and contractors who work across multiple locations you are faced with 3 major issues that can simply make your work week hell.

Time sheets don’t come in on time
Time sheets are very difficult or impossible to read
Crucial information is missing off the time sheets for employee labour costing or cost centre tracking

I spoke to a customer last week who explained how before going electronic the boss insisted payroll was to be completed each week with or without time sheets arriving on …

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JobClock remote employee time collection system

September 21st, 2014

Weekly the call comes into the office…..”we have several very remote locations where there is no internet and no telephone connectivity, we really need to move away from the paper time sheets, can you help us”

Existing JobClock customers have known for years the JobClock system is the ultimate employee time keeping solution for remote locations. The JobClock system has 2 ways to collect data both without internet and both without telephone. Of course in any remote location to go electronic you will eventually need access to internet or telephone if you want to push the data back to a …

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How do you compare the actual costs of the job to the original estimate?

June 10th, 2014

Great question this week from Ashna from ALP Projects…. How do you compare the actual costs of the job to the original estimate?

After receiving this question from Ashna by email I thought it would be best to put some detailed information together as we do get asked similar styles of questions around budgets and tracking budgets. You will find some screenshots from the software showing how easy it is to set up and track hours and materials against a budget you set from your quoting and invoicing.

Hi Ashna
Thanks for your email, with the JobClock system this is …

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Join one of our 30 minute overview demonstrations of the JobClock system including JobClock, PocketClock and TimeSummit software

May 19th, 2014

Join one of our 30 minute overview demonstrations of the JobClock system including

TimeSummit software

Great section on smart phones, tablets and iPads.



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ExakTime presents ExakTime Mobile 2.0 for Apple iOS devices

May 12th, 2014

From Exaktime blog….
ExakTime, provider of construction and field services’ #1 time and attendance systems, announces the release of its latest mobile app for simple time tracking on the go: ExakTime Mobile 2.0 for iOS devices.
The new iOS version of our mobile time tracking app presents an optimized user interface on all iOS devices, for easy and convenient time tracking on your own iPhone or iPad product, including iPad Air and iPad mini.
“I’m thrilled with our U.S. development team,” said ExakTime CEO Tony Pappas. “They’ve gone to extra lengths to ensure that this unified version of our …

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Team Viewer now available in PocketClock App for JobClock System – Know where your employees are on their service route

March 29th, 2014

I completed a demonstration this week for a customer who has several hundred customers, some of his customers had more than 40 locations, he sends his guys out from location to location to complete pick up and maintenance work on each location during the week. Until the latest update described below came out the only way to know who was at what job was to pick up the phone and call the driver. Now with the update as detailed below you can see from your own mobile phone as a manager no matter how many locations you are managing the following….

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JobClock Integration with Quicken Payroll

January 21st, 2014

We get asked this question a lot, this week we have been asked twice already so I thought time to put further information out on the blog.

Dale recently asked a number of questions….

1/ Does your pocket clock system integrate with the Reckon accounts 2013?

2/ what type of support after purchase do you guys offer?

3/ Is there any upgrades each year with your system to coincide or keep up with the Reckon annual upgrades?

Yes we support Reckon, it was one of the first payroll products many years ago integrated. We provide all support for Australian customers right here in Australia, …

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JobClock Timesummit software integrates with several SAGE Products

August 18th, 2013

From the desk of the developers of the JobClock System…….The ExakTime team traveled to Washington D.C. July 21-26 to attend Sage Summit 2013, the largest gathering of the year for Sage customers and business partners.

A Certified Development Partner, ExakTime exhibited at the show for the first time, showing off new hardware and software to vendors, current customers and new friends. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the team came back with many new connections from the event.
The ExakTime-Sage connection

For years, ExakTime’s time and attendance system has shared data back and forth with Sage software – with …

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Should Casual Employees be On Payroll, or Work as Independent Contractors?

May 17th, 2013

When hiring casual employees that don’t necessarily work consistent shifts week after week or day after day. it is challenging to determine how they should be paid, and what their job classification will be from a legal perspective.

Two popular options are putting these employees on payroll or setting them up as an independent contractor. Having them labelled as an independent contractor, has a number if different pros and cons.

 You don’t not need to worry about submitting tax deductions from payroll on behalf of the employee.
They are responsible for invoicing the business once the job has been completed.

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Calculating Labour Costs To Remain on Budget

May 10th, 2013

In order to determine if you are in fact hiring the proper number of staff to work, not just to get the job done, you need to calculate your labour costs. This will determine if in fact your overhead costs are equal to what you are paying your employees.

If your labour costs are too high, then you need to look at making reductions, as overall you are not walking away with reasonable earnings. Cutting down on expenses doesn’t need to mean cutting own on staff, provided it reduces your overall costs. Simply ensure that your earnings potential is higher. …

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