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How to collect multiple remote location employee labour costing time sheets

December 10th, 2014

As soon as you need to collect 15 to 20 time sheets or more each week manually from employees and contractors who work across multiple locations you are faced with 3 major issues that can simply make your work week hell.

Time sheets don’t come in on time
Time sheets are very difficult or impossible to read
Crucial information is missing off the time sheets for employee labour costing or cost centre tracking

I spoke to a customer last week who explained how before going electronic the boss insisted payroll was to be completed each week with or without time sheets arriving on …

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3 ways GPS employee time tracking can help you in your business

September 21st, 2014

Time is critical when it comes to construction. You’ve got deadlines to meet and projects to finish, and if you’ve got workers starting late or wasting time driving supplies around or chasing paperwork, it becomes harder and harder to meet your goals.

The no-fee-GPS feature of ExakTime Mobile will help you keep an eye on your workers and job sites. GPS time tracking gives you the features you need to manage time more efficiently, saving you money now and later.

Here are three ways our GPS feature will help your business excel.

Keep an Eye on Employees
All …

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Can You Use a Portable Time Clock to Track Salaried Employees?

June 8th, 2012

A portable time clock, or any time and attendance system, is typically used to track hourly employees for payroll. But that doesn’t mean that this type of system doesn’t have other purposes! A portable time clock can also be used for salaried employees in the following ways:

To determine the actual scope of their job duties – a salaried employee can use a portable time clock to track time spent on various tasks. This can be useful to get an accurate scope of the job for future hiring, allocation of responsibilities in the workplace, and more.
To look at productivity …

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