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How to collect multiple remote location employee labour costing time sheets

December 10th, 2014

As soon as you need to collect 15 to 20 time sheets or more each week manually from employees and contractors who work across multiple locations you are faced with 3 major issues that can simply make your work week hell.

Time sheets don’t come in on time
Time sheets are very difficult or impossible to read
Crucial information is missing off the time sheets for employee labour costing or cost centre tracking

I spoke to a customer last week who explained how before going electronic the boss insisted payroll was to be completed each week with or without time sheets arriving on …

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JobClock remote employee time collection system

September 21st, 2014

Weekly the call comes into the office…..”we have several very remote locations where there is no internet and no telephone connectivity, we really need to move away from the paper time sheets, can you help us”

Existing JobClock customers have known for years the JobClock system is the ultimate employee time keeping solution for remote locations. The JobClock system has 2 ways to collect data both without internet and both without telephone. Of course in any remote location to go electronic you will eventually need access to internet or telephone if you want to push the data back to a …

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3 ways GPS employee time tracking can help you in your business

September 21st, 2014

Time is critical when it comes to construction. You’ve got deadlines to meet and projects to finish, and if you’ve got workers starting late or wasting time driving supplies around or chasing paperwork, it becomes harder and harder to meet your goals.

The no-fee-GPS feature of ExakTime Mobile will help you keep an eye on your workers and job sites. GPS time tracking gives you the features you need to manage time more efficiently, saving you money now and later.

Here are three ways our GPS feature will help your business excel.

Keep an Eye on Employees
All …

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The JobClock System – It’s 10 times more accurate than a manual system, and most importantly it collates the data…! Says a recent customer Phil from Brisbane

June 27th, 2014

We received some great feedback from our customer Brisbane Granite and Marble recently. Brisbane Granite and Marble are based in Northgate Brisbane. Philip started his feedback with the realisation that every company has when billing for hours worked.

Philip said “The biggest assistance to us is the reminder of the reality. That is the common sense which is every hour our staff work is billing hours. If we don’t bill for it we are losing money. Having a system that tracks time, makes you look and think about billing hours. That’s without even looking at the data…..When …

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Lone Worker – knowing when your workers arrive and leave remote locations

January 27th, 2014

We get asked about lone workers quite a bit, the issue is always around have they arrived and have they left. Knowing when a lone worker arrives and leaves location is just the beginning of PocketClock which is part of the JobClock solution.

There are many Lone Worker products on the market today, PocketClock is not going to replace all of these as some are very clever with the ability to know when a Lone Worker is no longer standing but is horizontal and on the ground possibly in need of medical assistance.

PocketClock has much more though giving users …

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Encouraging Employees to Use Portable Time Clocks

May 4th, 2012

If you are introducing the use of portable time clocks for the first time to your staff, you may find that the idea is met with some contention. Staff may initially feel as though you are introducing the use of portable time clocks because you don’t trust them to report their own hours accurately. Although this may be a factor in your decision, it’s not typically the only reason, and you need to persuade employees that it’s for their benefit as well.

Some of the ways that using a portable time clock will benefit each employee include:

Accurate payroll – …

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JobClock Hornet Wins 2012 Editors’ Choice Most Innovative Products Award with completely portable employee time clock

March 30th, 2012

JobClock Hornet Wins 2012 Editors’ Choice Most Innovative Products Award
This year’s products were grouped into nine categories. ExakTime’s JobClock Hornet – the first wireless, rugged time clock tracks work in real-time and automatically sends time records to offices every hour – won the Editors’ Choice MIP Award in the Business Tools and Software category.

Coming soon to Australia

the worlds first completely wireless rugged battery operated employee time clock, see more at to register your interest and be one of the first in Australia with this cracking portable employee time clock.

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