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Cleaning / Restoration Portable Time


One of the biggest challenges for most cleaning and restoration business owners is handling employee time tracking. Your crews are at a jobsite anywhere from a few hours to weeks, and the hours can vary dramatically. Most workers fill out their timecards at the end of the week, which poses many problems. Remembering the exact time alone is a challenge, along with the reliability and honesty of the written times and reading the handwritings. Since a conventional punch clock is not the answer, cleaning and restoration businesses need something reliable and efficient to track their employee’s time.

The JobClock System will allow your staff to clock in and out at the job site, and you will see accurate time tracking in return. It is a convenient alternative for both employees and employers. Installing a portable time tracking system on-site will allow cleaning and restoration crews to focus on the actual job, rather than trying to remember when they took their breaks and lunches. The system will also automatically send the information to your payroll software, further eliminating error in typing in employee’s time from sheets. You’re employees will get paid for the full time that they worked, and you will save time and money taking care of payroll, especially if you do it yourself.

These new generation portable job clocks will be able to handle any rough conditions that your cleaning or restoration crews have to face. They can withstand temperature changes ranging between -23 and 76 degrees Celsius. These clocks are also unaffected by vibrations and can store up to nine months worth of time tracking information.

JobClock portable time clocks are also very easy to use and will pay for themselves with the amount of time and money they will save your business. Although many employees are trustworthy, nobody can remember exactly when they left for the day or took their lunch yesterday, let alone four days ago. Eliminate the stress of traditional time tracking, and allow your employees to focus on their tasks when on location.

A recent cleaning customer commented....

"The JobClock System is the best thing we ever did. It paid for itself right away and we saved $4,000 - $5,000 on the first two payrolls."

Rick Webb
East Coast Abatement

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