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As an owner of a construction firm, labor is among your most significant expenses, and one of the least elastic. However, it is an area that is most likely costing you more than it should, especially due to the way time tracking is being handled. Having labor tracking on the honor system is no solution. Your contractors say they were at the jobsite at 7:00, but how do you know? Most construction workers fill out timecards or timesheets at the end of the week, so how can they remember when they took lunch 3 days before? This old system is not only outdated, but highly prone to errors whether they be intentional or not.

The JobClock System is the #1 portable time and attendance tracking system in construction because it tracks time as it happens, which will give you significant reduction in payroll costs and an increase in worker efficiency. When your employees arrive on site all they need to do is clock in using a portable time clock, and the data is automatically uploaded to your payroll software. Time will no longer be spent trying to decipher handwritten times and typing them in; everything is automated, eliminating human and time error.

Additionally, the JobClock System provides tough, weatherproof portable time clocks that will be able to withstand the harsh conditions your contractors and employees face daily on a construction site, after all an outdoor time clock needs to be not only tough and durable, but also weather resistant.

Durable, accurate and incredibly easy to use, the Job Clock is the best time tracking solution for remote job sites for construction and contractors. If your business involves working onsite, then this is the solution you need. It’s an investment which will save you thousands – and given its durability, it’ll continue to save your company money for a long time to come.

A recent construction customer commented....

"My initial investment probably paid for itself in the first 2-3 months.
This is the BEST thing I've done for my business ever."

Larry Lawrenz
Larry Lawrenz Construction

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