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Events / Catering Portable Time Tracking

From conventions to corporate meetings, event management and catering uses a lot of labor. But do you really feel that you have good control of this expense? It’s the general assumption that when your crew is out on a catering job, you usually deal with their hours spent on the job site in a somewhat informal manner: handwritten time sheets. It’s just the way things have been done in the catering and events planning industries, but it’s hardly the most efficient or for that matter, the most accurate way to do things.

It can be very difficult to keep a handle on employee time tracking when your workers spend their working hours on various job sites or at events rather than coming into the office every day. However there is a more reliable and simple solution to trying to rely on inaccurate time sheets. Portable job clocks will provide you with accurate time punches, and even eliminate further human error from data entry of those time sheets. The process is sped up when the job clock automatically uploads the electronic time sheets to your payroll system.

Especially in an industry where your staff are probably more focused on what needs to be on the steam table and when, and keeping the courses going out to tables on time, details like exactly when someone got there can easily be lost in the shuffle. Having a portable time clock which can go with your employees to the job site is crucial, because even a few minutes lost here and there from inaccurate time keeping can add up over a year.

The JobClock System is the #1 portable time and attendance solution because it tracks time as it happens. These devices are more convenient for catering and event employees, more convenient for you and they save time and ultimately, money for everyone concerned.

A recent contruction customer commented....

"After 3 years we still love our JobClocks and PocketClocks. TimeSummit Software is a big help with customer billing. Job costing and workers comp reports. We'd be lost without it."

Gary Borders
Blue Dot Enterprises

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