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JobClock FAQs

How Does the Portable JobClock Work for Jobsites?

Check out a demonstration of JobClock portable time clocks here: http://www.jobclock.com.au/how-it-works.php

How Long Will It Take for My Order to Ship?

We ship out orders on a daily basis. Orders received prior to 1pm ship out on the same day.

Will the JobClock Work on My Jobsite if There Are Harsh Weather Conditions?

JobClock time clocks are made to put up with the worst weather conditions. They are rugged, durable and weatherproof. Leave it out on site in the rain, snow, sleet, frost, heat or dust. Anywhere you’re employees are working, the JobClock can work. The JobClock operates from -23C to 76C and survives vibration from equipment and machinery.

Can I Use Multiple Time Clocks on Multiple Sites?

Yes. Our portable time clocks are made to be used on a wide variety of remote jobsites. You can hook up as many or as few JobClocks as your needs dictate.

What Types of Support Are Offered for JobClock Products?

We fully support our products, and our committed to your ongoing satisfaction with your JobClock system. We have a "JobClock School" to help business transition to our products, which is a web based online helpdesk that works 24/7. We also offer one-on-one training for TimeSummit Software. Visit our Support page for more information.

How Does the Money-Back Guarantee Work?

We believe in our portable time clocks so much, that if you are not satisfied with the streamlined time and attendance system after implementing within your business, will fully refund your order within 30 days.

How Do I Contact a Represenative to Speak about JobClock Products?

You can speak with a represenatitive at 1.300.800.007 or by submitting a form on our Contact page.

What Payroll Systems are Compatible with JobClock Products?

JobClock data can be connected with the TimeSummit software to record time and attendance data on a computer. TimeSummit software is compatible with most popular payroll systems available, such as QuickBooks, Master Builder, Timberline, Peachtree and more. Contact us for a full list of compatible payroll systems or for a recommendation on payroll software if you do not currently have one in place.