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How our Portable Time Clocks Work

Do you have any 1 of the 5 biggest problems managing labour across multiple sites? If you do, you should watch this portable time clock video to see how JobClock and PocketClock works.

The 5 biggest construction problems managing labour across multiple sites.

  • Problem #1: Dealing with inaccurate timesheets
  • Problem #2: Difficulty in tracking labour across multiple sites
  • Problem #3: Identifying who worked on what specific tasks, and for how long
  • Problem #4: Wasting precious hours (or days!) in paperwork
  • Problem #5: Unable to use traditional timeclocks on remote sites

These problems can be resolved today with JobClock and PocketClock

Watch this short video to see how JobClock and PocketClock can assist you in your business even if you only have one of the top 5 problems you will get your return on investment by moving away from your manual system.

Solving inaccurate timesheets may only seem like saving a few minutes on any given day. Sure, but do the math:

-- 10 minutes of non-productive or "lost" time each day =>
-- 50 minutes per week =>
-- 2500 minutes per year (assuming 50 working weeks) =>
-- 41 hours unproductive effort every year!

Yep, that's an entire week that you're paying for, with zero return! Oh, and that's for every single person on your books.

A recent customer said.......

"You guys have made my life so much simpler and I'm not just blowing smoke. The JobClock saves me between 25 and 30 hours each month in processing payroll.

Gary Mimnaugh
GTM Construction