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Time & Attendance Solutions That Deliver Big Savings for Field Organizations

Portable Timekeeping

For portable workforces and contractors, with locations that last from weeks to years, The JobClock is a rugged, battery powered, weatherproof portable time clock designed for the construction industry to stay onsite 24/7.

Just padlock The JobClock anywhere on your construction site - outdoors or inside. Employees clock in with keytabs they keep on their own keyrings:


Green for 'GO'
Red for 'Stop'


Mobile Timekeeping

If you have employees or crews that visit many work sites every day, such as construction workers, electricians, plumbers, painters, landscapers, etc. the PocketClock GPS is a software that transforms a PDA or a smartphone into a mobile clock.

Many employees can clock in on a single PocketClock using their own pin code. Time punches have a GPS location attached so you know where employees were when they clocked in!


The JobClock System is the #1 portable time and attendance tracking system design for the moving workforce. Construction, Contractors, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Concrete Teams, Councils workers, Pest Control, Landscaping and more. Every portable, moving workforce currently using time sheets for employee time collection can use The JobClock System.

Over 1,000,000 professionals use JobClock every business day!

Tracking labor costs is critical for any business, especially construction. Just 10 minutes of lost time per day adds up to one WEEK of lost productivity per year! The JobClock System provides automated time and attendance tracking with 100% accuracy and the detailed information that you need.

Tracking, recording and reporting on your labour costs on your construction site is critical to the success of any project. Get ahead of your competitors, replace your timesheets and get the best labour data you have ever had on your construction sites making every job going forward profitable.

  • Employees no longer make mistakes when filing in timesheets, trying to remember when they went to lunch a week ago.

  • The office manager or payroll clerk processes the payrollspans caused by deciphering handwriting and manually typing in data.

  • Contractors, managers or business owners gets concise, accurate summaries of hours worked by work loation, employee and cost code for better management.

  • The IT department gets a scalable, open platform to integrate time records into accounting and payroll applications.


JobClock Australia is the #1 selling timekeeping solution in the construction industry today because it is...

  • Easy to use: Workers clock in and out simply by touching their Keytabs to the JobClock.
  • 100% accurate: JobClock takes the guesswork out of payroll and eliminates time "rounding" and "fudging."
  • Rugged: Freeze it. Bake it. Shake it. The JobClock operates from -10F to 170F and survives vibration from equipment and machinery.
  • Weatherproof: Leave it in the rain, snow, sleet, frost, heat, dust - without worry.
  • 100% reliable: The JobClock stores up to 10,000 time records, even if the battery runs out. That's 3 to 9 months of data for most JobClock users!
  • Battery-powered: The JobClock is powered by a 3-volt lithium battery that lasts four to six months.
  • Portable: Move to a new jobsite at any time.