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Portable Time Tracking Products

JobClock Hornet

Coming soon to Australia, the worlds first completely wireless rugged battery operated employee time clock, fill in the contact us form to register your interest and be one of the first in Australia with this cracking portable employee time clock.

Never pick up time cards again.

JobClock Hornet is the first completely wireless, rugged time clock that sends time records to your office every hour… automatically!

Never before have people been able to track time at any location and get that data in near real-time.

Until now.

Set it and forget it.

JobClock Hornet gives you 100% accurate records, whenever you want.

And with a 30-day rechargeable battery, all you have to do is charge the unit and place it at a worksite. Hornet will take care of the rest.

Use it anytime, anywhere.

Hornet’s rugged ABS housing and lightweight build is designed to track time and attendance anywhere - saving trips to and from worksites.

Its portability is ideal for contractors, school facilities, property managers and just about anywhere else business owners need to track time.

Take the stress out of payroll.

Hornet is easy and accurate, which makes all the difference when tracking time and processing payroll.

Without ever leaving your office, Hornet allows you to:

  • Get 100% accurate payroll records every hour.
  • Verify and prepare for payroll throughout the week. No more rushing on a Friday.
  • Know who’s at what worksite right now.
  • Know when someone’s about to reach overtime.
  • Check in with workers and supervisors frequently, not just once at the end of the week.
  • And do so much more!


  • Sends time records to your office every hour… automatically
  • Bulletproof simple operation
  • Know who’s at the jobsite, and who’s not, in near real-time
  • Put it anywhere – Hornet is rock solid in rain, snow, dust and blazing heat
  • Rugged anti-shock military-grade ABS plastic case
  • Track in, out, and unlimited cost codes
  • Lasts a month or longer on a single battery charge, and you can recharge it at any time
  • Easy-to-read status display
  • Send at any time with the push of a button


  • Records are safely stored in Hornet if battery dies
  • Uses the GSM cellular network and JobClock.NET cloud service to securely transmit and store your information
  • Operates from -10°F (-23°C) to 170° F (76°C) and housed in rugged, ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 8” H x 6 ½” W x 3” D
  • Supports Bluetooth and Infrared data collection in addition to automatic wireless sending
  • One year warranty

JobClock Hornet Wins 2012 Editors' Choice Most Innovative Products Award
This year's products were grouped into nine categories. ExakTime's JobClock Hornet - the first wireless, rugged time clock tracks work in real-time and automatically sends time records to offices every hour - won the Editors' Choice MIP Award in the Business Tools and Software category. » read more...

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