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Portable Time Tracking Products


The centre of your data universe:

Use the internet to get jobsite data back to head office

With The JobClock System you get 100% accurate time and attendance. Using a PDA, you can download timekeeping data from JobClocks or track time directly with PocketClock/GPS. Bring the handheld back to the office, plug it in, and in seconds your time data is available.

But what if you have remote jobsites, or supervisors who don't return to the office before you need to run payroll? Or what if you pay your workers once a week, but want to see employees' time at the jobsite every day?

JobClock.NET is the answer.

JobClock.NET is a service that uses the Internet to get your time records from where you have them, to where you need them.

Why use JobClock.NET?

  • You are using PocketClock
  • Supervisors or Managers are away for weeks and months on projects - get the Jobsite data daily or weekly with JobClock.NET
  • TimeSummit software checks for fresh data every few minutes giving head office up to date company data no matter how many jobsites you are running
  • Get completed data to payroll days before payroll cutoff not at the last minute.
  • Works with Blackberry, iPhone, Palm and Windows Mobile

For questions or to purchase a JobClock product, please use our online contact form or call us at 1300 800 077.