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Lanscaping / Nursery Portable Time


For landscape, grounds maintenance and snow removal businesses, labor is one of the largest operating expenses. Labor is also the expense that many contractors feel they have virtually no control over. Unlike most businesses, landscaping and grounds maintenance employees spend little to no time in the actual offices of the firm, making time tracking difficult for both employee and employer.

With nowhere to set up a traditional punch clock, the traditional solution has been for employees to fill out time sheets by hand, with this usually happening at the end of the week instead of daily. Your crew says they were at the first job at 7:00am, but how do you know for sure? How can you prove to your clients that your crew was on the job when and where they should be? Furthermore, trying to read those timesheets can sometimes be a job all in itself.

It is difficult to recall the minute you walked into the office, or when you took your break yesterday, much less for an entire week. Trying to remember all this leads to obvious errors in time keeping, especially when your employees have multiple landscaping jobsites. The JobClock System will be able to free you of this error-prone time keeping system with portable time clocks that allow employees to clock in and out on the job site. These clocks will allow employees to clock in when they get to the job site, and will automatically upload the information to your payroll software, eliminating the use of time sheets all together. Errors in reading time sheets will be eliminated, saving you time and money.

The JobClock System is the #1 portable time and attendance system for landscaping and nursery businesses. These clocks are guaranteed to be durable and endure even the harshest elements. They can even withstand temperature changes ranging between -23 to 76 degrees Celsius making them the perfect solution for summer and winter climates. Investing in a portable time tracking system will not only save your landscaping business time and money, but is also a smart way of going green through elimination of paper time tracking.

A recent construction customer commented....

"I Love the PocketClocks and you guys are so wonderful.
You've saved our company so much money. Your
support has been awesome."

Jane Mathhews
SHC Nursery & Landscape Company

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