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Pest Control Services Portable Time Tracking

The pest control business does not operate like most traditional, office-based businesses. Most employees are on location or traveling between job sites, rarely ever coming to the office at times. Time tracking for these employees can become a cumbersome task, especially when time sheets are used to keep track of employees’ hours.

Time theft, whether intentional or not becomes an issue from employees, and entering the data becomes another error-prone issue for management. This process not only takes time, but it also wastes money. Labor costs are probably the largest operating cost for your pest control business, why not streamline the process and save money?

With a portable time tracking system, pest control employees traveling to remote locations have the ability to clock in once they arrive on site. Their information is stored and automatically updated to your payroll system, eliminated the task of manually entering the data and ensuring accurate times. Your employees will get paid for the exact time they work, eliminating time theft issues. Additionally, portable time clocks are durable and built to withstand harsh climate conditions, providing you with absolute reliability.

The Job Clock is the #1 portable time and attendance system for the pest control industry. Investing in a portable time tracking system will not only save your business time and money, but is also a smart and easy way to improve employee efficiency.

"Since we started using PocketClock 3 weeks ago, we have seen
a 3% reduction in our payroll expenses! We expect our PocketClock
System to pay for itself in 2 months."

Rob Rhoades
Diamond R Electric Enterprises

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