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Portable Time Tracking Products

JobClock Australia has a wide range of products perfect for construction, cleaning, landscaping, catering, pest control and other industries with job site locations. View more information about our products and learn how our portable time tracking solutions would save your business money and improve employee efficiency:

Portable Time Clock Systems

  • JobClock Portable Time Clock - Employees at remote locations can clock in/out in less than 2 minutes with individual key tabs. These portable job clocks are locked down at the job site, and are weatherproofed to withstand the conditions of the job site. These are great time keeping solutions for construction companies and catering companies, whose employees rarely report to the office before going to the jobsite.

  • PocketClock - The PocketClock allows employees to punch in to their job site directly from their phones, using software that will automatically upload their electronic time sheets to your payroll software. This software allows employees to clock in and track what they are doing; with GPS enabled phones, you will be able to see where they are when they are clocking in.

  • JobClock Hornet - JobClock Hornet - JobClock Hornet is the first completely wireless, rugged time clock that sends time records to your office every hour… automatically! Never before have people been able to track time at any location and get that data in near real-time.
    Until now.
    Set it and forget it. JobClock Hornet gives you 100% accurate records, whenever you want. with a 30-day rechargeable battery, all you have to do is charge the unit and place it at a worksite. Hornet will take care of the rest.

  • JobClock Accessories

  • FastTrakker - Specifically in the construction industry, you need to know specifically what jobs employees are doing to help eliminate surprises in estimated labor costs. The FastTrakker is a handheld device that workers carry and clock in with via the JobClock. It can log up to 1000 different cost codes to provide detailed information of what tasks employees are working on throughout the day.

  • FastTrakker Pro - The FastTrakker Pro is a tool for supervisors to collect time records from as many JobClocks as you choose. This handheld device copies time records from the JobClocks in seconds when in collection mode. They can then either bring the device back to the office to upload, or transfer the information over the Internet. The FastTrakker Pro also allows the supervisor to clock in and out.

  • JobClock Software

  • TimeSummit Time and Attendance Software - TimeSummit software collects the data from your JobClocks and PocketClocks and automatically assembles and presents the information in clear, concise reports. You can generate printed time and attendance records that are easy to read for your employees; TimeSummit also makes it easy to adjust electronic time cards for those who forget, or visit a job site after work is complete. The software also makes it easy to calculate overtime, set up reports and even store years of records digitally.

  • AccountLinx - AccountLinx software integrates your accounting software with the JobClock system. You can easily transfer your time and attendance information to many accounting and payroll management packages like QuickBooks. AccountLinx also provides features to pay your employees, further analyze job costs and better view job productivity.

  • JobClock.NET - JobClock.NET is a service that uses the internet to send time records to the office. This service is highly utilized in construction and manufacturing companies where supervisors spend a majority of their time on the field in remote locations, and don’t return to the office everyday or before you need to run payroll. Using a PDA, smartphone, or the FastTrakker Pro with a PC and internet connection, the supervisors can send the time information back to the office on time.