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Switch to JobClock and See the Savings

JobClock time clocks are guaranteed to save your company not only time, but more importantly money. By automating the payroll process, your staff will free up time to tackle more important work issues than weekly manual data entry.

Eliminating manual time and attendance systems and paper time sheets not only reduces the added costs for supplies and resources, but it will reduce the time spent writing down and entering the time data. The JobClock system will quickly pay for itself when you see the savings roll in.

JobClock portable time clocks will:

  • Stop employees from recording inaccurate — whether by accident or on purpose — start or finish times.
  • Reduce costs in supplies by eliminating paperwork needed for time sheets and other resources used with manual attendance systems.
  • Provide accurate employees time calculations which eliminate accidental over or under payment due to input or calculation errors.

Regardless of what size business you operate, there will be cost saving when making the switch from manual time sheets to electronic time clocks. All overtime and regular pay will be automatically calculated to give you accurate payroll information.

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