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Portable Time Tracking Product Support

The JobClock System has several support systems in place to see that you will be up and running quickly. We will work with you side by side.

JobClock School

As soon as your order arrives we encourage you to join JobClock School. Here we have more than 35 videos including the very first video which walks you through everything in your order step by step from the minute you open the box.

The key to a successful rollout of your JobClock System is the introduction and training of your employees. Exaktime helps by offering great online classes that are free and available 24/7.

More than 35 video training segments are available, covering everything you need to know to get your new JobClock System up and running. Exaktime’s video training is designed for anyone who is responsible for processing attendance or payroll, including:

  • Business owners/managers
  • Bookkeepers/payroll clerks
  • Foremen
  • Field workers

Each video segment focuses on a specific topic and most segments are under 10 minutes, so you can watch them when and where it’s convenient for you. All you need is an internet connection!

With easy-to-use products and training directly from Exaktime, you’ll be up and running quickly and smoothly. It’s one more reason why choosing Exaktime is the right decision!

TimeSummit Software one-on-one training

All orders placed this month will receive 2 online sessions of 30 minutes TimeSummit software training - After completing JobClock School this additional training will see that your data is ready for payroll quicker than any other system you have ever implemented.